Hope Op Project

Cherished Memories For A Lifetime embraces the opportunity to gift homeless children/families and financially distressed families an expression of hope, which we call a HopeOp.


The goal of a HopeOp is simply to provide hope for better days ahead.  We customize and personalize each of our gifts of hope 


Our HopeOp Project is the perfect small way for you to get involved and make a real impact to the lives of those who need hope and inspiration. Donate time to encourage and inspire someone, mentor a single mom or dad who is in despair, reach-out and talk to and listen to those who live alone, show someone that others care about what they are going through, donate to fund inspirational gifts and gifts of hope to those who need it .....there are many many opportunities for you to Give Hope.  

HopeOps, no matter how small, can have an impact on day to day lives.


HopeOps give You the opportunity to: 

  • Give an expression of Hope relating to your special interests

  • Feel Hopeful because you have given Hope

  • Pay it Forward

Gift Card  Distribution Program

Do you know the relief that comes with receiving financial support from an unexpected source, to help you make it to the next payday?   

Throughout the year, CML provides

gift cards to financially distressed families for daily household expenses, family personal expenses and school expenses.

Household/Personal Expenses:

food, utilities, gas, infant needs, toiletries, clothing, other household/personal needs

School Expenses:

lunch money, field trips, school supplies, extracurricular activities, prom expenses, year book, other school expenses