Birthday Angel Program

because every child deserves to feel special on their birthday

Cherished Memories For a Lifetime plans and funds birthday parties for financially distressed and homeless children, throughout the nation.

Do you remember the feelings you had when you were a child and couldn’t wait for your birthday to come around?

The anticipation and excitement of your birthday party was enough to get you through any challenging school day.


To homeless/financially distressed children a birthday gift or birthday celebration is just not in the family budget. Birthday Angels help to keep mom/dad from having to make the hard decision of whether to pay a household bill or buy their child a birthday gift/cake.


Birthday Angels’ donations are used to

purchase: birthday cakes, birthday gifts,

party favors, candles, refreshments,

decorations, gift bags, and other party

items for birthday celebrations.  

Become A

Birthday Angel

by making a

Donation of $25+

Birthday Angels’ donations also fund monthly group birthday parties and Birthday Boxes that are distributed to organizations supporting children/ families, schools/day care centers in low-income areas and individual families.

Birthday Boxes

Contents may include:

Cake mix


b/day candles

themed plates/napkins


party favors

b/day cakes/cup cakes

party hats

other party items

All the ingredients for mom/dad to create a birthday party at home


$5.00 will help buy candles

$10.00  will help buy plates, utensils, decorations

$20.00 will help buy birthday cakes/cupcakes

$25.00 will help buy a memorable gift

$30.00 will help fund birthday boxes

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