It is true that food, clothing and shelter are the physical necessities of life.  It is also true that the human spirit needs to be nourished and replenished to maintain the coping mechanisms, necessary to cope with challenges of life.


There are millions of parents, throughout the nation, whose incomes are significantly inadequate in meeting their daily living expenses. These moms and dads struggle on a daily basis, in their efforts to provide for their families.


Cherished Memories For A Lifetime (CML), is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit exempt organization founded to enhance the quality of life of children and families, throughout the nation. CML also supports and enhances the services of organizations providing critical needs to families in need.

We realize that a family's financial situation

has a different affect on children, as opposed to moms and dads.

Therefore, in pursuing our mission and vision, our programs and gifts address the individual needs of the moms and dads, the individual needs of the children and the needs of the family unit, as a whole.


Families may be referred to receive a gift or to participate in a CML program, referral families must meet the family criteria, described on the Referral Page.  


Gifts may also be distributed to:  1) homeless shelters, 2) transitional housing shelters, 3) organizations supporting homeless and needy children/families and 4) neighborhood churches and community centers in low-income communities

We use the word gifts, rather than assistance, because these families are given gifts to reward their efforts in coping with overwhelming financial challenges, on a daily basis.



To NOURISH and REPLENISH the human spirit of homeless and financially distressed families.


To INSPIRE and give HOPE to homeless and financially distressed families.


During the holiday season, homeless families and families in need receive an abundance of support to assist them in having a joyful holiday season.  However, during the other 10 months of the year, these families are still in financial crisis.


CML's Vision is to bring Joy to children and families in need, all year long....providing a needed reprieve from their day to day worries and struggles (even if just for one hour or one day).


It is our Vision that a gift from CML will bring some balance and normalcy into their lives, make their situations more bearable, make their lives more complete, give Hope, and Inspire families to continue the struggle.






Dedicated to inspiring, giving hope, bringing joy and making lives better for children and families who need it the most!

Pam Lane, JD


Angel Ratcliffe, MS

Finance Chair

Deborah Potter, BS

Community Outreach

Jeanette Berry, BS

Community Outreach - Dallas, TX

Chad Lane BS

Volunteer Outreach

Nick Taylor

Graphic Design