Gifts of Fun Activities, Escapes & Celebrations

For some families, holidays and birthdays are just another day on the calendar. Due to significant financial challenges, they are unable to celebrate family birthdays and to participate in holiday celebrations.


The children of many of these families have never experienced the joy of going to an Amusement Park.


CML believes that family gatherings and fun activities are necessary in making ones life complete and hopeful.  Throughout the year, CML plans and funds: family celebrations, holiday meals, family gatherings, stress-relief mini-escapes and cultural/fun activities, for homeless and financially distressed families.


Movies, Concerts, Cultural Events

Theme Parks & Sporting Events 

Spa Treatments

Mom & Dad Nite out

Weekend getaway

Out to eat

Pizza night at home

Family movie & popcorn night at home

Cooking Classes


Other activities that provide stress-relief and fun




Kid-themed/teen-themed b/day parties

B/day parties for parents and older siblings

Anniversary Parties

Holiday Family Meals & Family Celebratory Gatherings

Out -to-eat to celebrate good grades, school accomplishments, graduations, promotions, better job, etc.


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