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“Teachers in Communities" School Drive

    Helping  Teachers Help  Students

This project's Mission is to help students accomplish their academic goals. This project's Goal is to relieve teachers from the financial burden of having to use their personal funds to buy supplies they need for their classrooms/their students


Throughout the year, CML distributes Art/School Supplies to teachers, who teach in some of our neediest communities, to assist them in executing their lesson plans.  Although there are a number Back-to-School drives at the beginning of the school year, when those supplies are exhausted teachers in low-income areas find themselves scrambling to provide supplies to their students

Computers for Hope

As part of the "Teachers in Communities" Project, CML purchases laptops and notebooks for children in need. This component is designed to assist with homework/school assignments and to support computer literacy in low-income families. Computer literacy is essential for academic achievement and navigating everyday life in today's digital world

As a special treat, we also provide soft drinks/ bottled water/coffee/coffee supplies/tea/ snacks for teachers


How You Can Help Teachers Help Students:

  • Financial Donations

  • Donation of Supplies

  • Gift Cards

  • Refreshments for Teachers

  • Refer a teacher or school below







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