Become a College Champion for low-income children, throughout the nation.....VOLUNTEER with our college.youcan Live Stream and Video Project

As a college champion with our live stream/video project, you will record short videos speaking about your current/past college experiences such as college challenges, good/bad days at college, exam prep, fun times, overcoming challenges, juggling priorities, roommate issues with a positive or comical theme (no mean spirited commentary), etc.  


You may record as many videos as you like or just one or two. For current college students it could be a daily or weekly journal of sorts.  As an Alumnae, you can tell how your college degree and college experience assist you in your current career.


Make it as fun, unique and creative as you like or it can just simply be straight talk.


Links to your video(s) will be available on our website for teachers, who teach in low-income communities, to share with their students.  Kids will get to know you, if you record enough segments/videos, and will be excited about seeing updates from you. Submit information below to become a College Champion. 


Please feel free to share links to your videos and information about our college.youcan project with your social media community.

Funding/donations generated for this project will provide:


  • Laptops and tablets to assist low-income students with their homework assignments and for teachers teaching in low-income communities

  • Virtual/onsite college tours

  • School supplies with college emblems

  • College t-shirts and college souvenirs

  • Stuffed animals, sleeping bags, linen with college emblems for kids affected by natural disasters

  • Tickets for college sports and cultural events

  • Books generated through online book drives

  • Sorority and fraternity t-shirts and souvenirs


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