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Cherished Memories For A Lifetime brings Joy, Hope and Inspiration to financially distressed children and families, throughout the nation.


Not just on a Holiday but All Year Long....

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bringing Joy, Hope & Inspiration to financially distressed families throughout the nation


Spotlight on our Gifts and Programs 

Happy Birthday Joy to children and families through our "Birthday Angel Program"

Supporting teachers who teach in our neediest communities through our "Teachers in Communities" School Drive

Stress-relief & fun gifts to children & families through our "Gifts of Fun Activities and Stress-relief Escapes"

Gifts of Hope and Inspiration to souls in despair through our "HopeOp Project"

Funding Celebratory and Holiday family gatherings through our "Gifts of Celebrations"

Funding After-School, Summer-Break and cultural activities, for homeless and financially distressed children through our "For the Children" Program

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What We Do

for homeless and financially distressed children and families 





not just during the holidays

but all Year long...



"Teachers in Communities"
Helping Teachers Help Students
Girl with Flute Teacher

Throughout the year, CML distributes Art/School supplies to teachers, who teach in some of our neediest communities, to assist them in executing their lesson plans.

This Project is designed to relieve teachers from the financial burden of having to use their personal funds to buy supplies they need for their classrooms/their students.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Happy Boxes

Throughout the year, CML distributes Happy Boxes to children in need. The boxes are designed to bring Joy to children, who need it the most. 


The boxes may include: 

character pillows 

sleeping bags

stuffed animals 

character pajamas 

kid-themed linen and towels 


puzzles, games, toys

school supplies

kid-themed toiletries 


other fun items

Boxes of Hope


CML distributes Disaster Boxes of Hope to families affected by natural disasters.  The contents of the boxes are selected to support families, who are living in emergency shelters and families who have lost most or all of their personal belongings.


Boxes may include:

Gift Cards



Sleeping Bags


Towels/wash cloths

Bed linens

Kitchen utensils


Small electronics

Other relevant items


To support a project/program that speaks to you and your choice of charitable giving!

©2018 by Cherished Memories For A Lifetime 

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